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"Ask Mother Rebecca" is a mommy blog for grown ups....

because grown ups need mothers, too!

Mother Rebecca can help you:


  • Gain perspective
  • Adjust your attitude
  • Find solutions


  • Make a difference
  • Take the high road
  • Have fun


  • Learn something
  • Solve problems
  • Get unstuck
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Who is Mother Rebecca?

Mother Rebecca, a fictional character, is the creation of actual person Rebecca Cuevas (heretofore to be referred to as “ACTUAL Rebecca”).

Mother Rebecca is that wise mentor, teacher, and guide that we would all like to have available, on tap, to turn to 24/7 for answers when things get complicated, challenging, or just plain WEIRD.

She knows things that are beyond the pay grade of actual Rebecca.

She is a wise woman, a funny woman, a creative crone.

When you find yourself stuck in a rut, Mother Rebecca is the tow truck for your soul.

“Ask Mother Rebecca” is a Mommy blog for grownups... because grownups need mothers too.

-But Mother Rebecca, I hear you saying, I already HAVE a mother.

-Well of course you do, dear.

Even Mother Rebecca has a mother, despite being older than dirt, and despite the fact that Mother Rebecca’s mother, like some of yours, has moved on to her heavenly abode.

Never mind, dears. Your own actual real mother will always be your mother, of course.

Mother Rebecca could never replace her, and would never want to try.

Mother Rebecca is not a replacement for your own actual mother.

She is more like a generic, impartial, ALTERNATIVE mother… she is here to support YOU, a big old grown up, in mothering yourself.

What is a Mommy blog, after all? It’s where mothers of young children go to learn how to take care of their child. How to feed it, burp it, clean up after it, teach it to do new things, handle its conflicts and its owies and its bumps and bruises of life.

Mother Rebecca is here to do the same: not for your child, though, darlings. For YOU.

Let’s face it: do you really want to bother your own actual mother at 3 AM when that date didn’t go the way you hoped it would? It might be better to handle the emergency first-aid self-mothering on your own, and then address your own actual mother (or your boss, friends, or even yourself in the mirror) with a freshly washed and rested face in the morning. Or, next week.

Mother Rebecca is not going to solve all your problems.

(How could she, when like everyone else on the planet, she’s still struggling with her own?). But like any good mother, she can help you think through how YOU are going to solve them. She is not going to come into your room and pick up your socks. But she can help you find resources for home maintenance, or getting your kids to do it, or learning to love the mess.

She is not a therapist, a medical doctor, or a lawyer, so she can’t give psychological, medical, or legal advice. And she won’t, darlings.

But Mother Rebecca is here for those times when you just want to sit at your computer and type “aaaaaaaaaaaagh” into a search engine, and have someone hand you a (virtual) cup of tea and a shoulder to cry on through that little window in the screen.


She is a teacher and a writer and a thinker and a funny lady, and sometimes, when the situation calls for it, a clown.

Because sometimes the best thing you can do, is stand back and take a look at the situation, and laugh.

So we will be doing a good deal of laughing too.

There will always be bruises and  bumps in the road of life. Perhaps like you, Mother Rebecca has experienced more than her share. But at least we can enjoy the journey, and pull ourselves out of the ruts life throws us into, and enjoy some beauty and humor along the way.

So let’s get started, shall we?

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