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“Scandal” by Shonda Rhimes: A Story About Twin Flames
SPOILER ALERT: If you have not yet seen the entire series “Scandal” by Shonda Rhimes, and you don't want to know[...]
Resistance from Others as You Begin To Practice Thankfulness
The first thing you may notice as you begin to focus on being thankful for everything, is your OWN resistance[...]
How to Be Thankful When You’ve Been Betrayed By the One You Love
How to be thankful when you’ve been betrayed by the one you love   Being betrayed by the one you[...]
Who’s Thankful to YOU?
While we are focusing on our OWN attitudes of being thankful to and for other people and conditions and things,[...]
How to Make Any Man Go Back to His Ex
Darlings, Mother Rebecca is here to keep you up to date on relevant topics of the 21st century. And what could[...]
How to raise a human
Mother Rebecca had lunch with her dear friend, Mother Amazing, the other day. Mother Rebecca and Mother Amazing met many[...]