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“Scandal” by Shonda Rhimes: A Story About Twin Flames

SPOILER ALERT: If you have not yet seen the entire series “Scandal” by Shonda Rhimes, and you don’t want to know in advance how it turns out, DO NOT READ THIS BLOG POST NOW. Instead, bookmark it for future reference and read it after you have finished watching the entire series.

Twin flames are two people who share a single soul.

Legend has it that we all have a twin flame: every single human is half of one complete soul, and someday these halves will be reunited in eternal bliss.

More intense and compelling than relationships between soul mates, the love between twin flames is like a super-strong magnet that nothing can keep apart.

What’s the difference between twin flames and soul mates?

Soul mates are separate beings that share important work and karma that they have to do together. We can and do have many soul mates.

Twin flames are not soul MATES because they are ONE soul, in two bodies. Twin flames are one being that has been split apart and is trying to put itself back together.

You can learn about twin flames at many places on the internet. A site that has excellent information is Cassaday Caynes’ blog at http://www.twinflames1111.com/blog/

Twin flame relationships may sound romantic and intense, but they are not easy and they are not fun. The reason they are neither easy nor fun, is that before these two halves one soul can reunite, they must clear up the karma that stands in the way of their reunion.

That means that before they can truly be together, twin flames must clear up and fully resolve not only their own personal issues, but also national and international issues as well.

How would you feel if you met the love of your life, experienced the joy of reunion with the other half of your soul in pure and total bliss… and then discovered that there was no way you could actually make a life together until 5000 years of global politics, not to mention a whole lot of personal family karma, was resolved?

I just finished watching Scandal by Shonda Rhimes, and realized that this masterful series can be understood as the story of a twin flame love affair.

(Warning: stop reading now if you have not seen the entire series and don’t want to know in advance how it turns out.)

Ok are they gone? Phew. Those of us that are left are, I am assuming, die-hard Scandal fans who have seen the entire series. I am sure there are many types of analyses that can and will be run on this amazing series, but the perspective I am using now is focused on the love affair between Olivia Pope (Liv) and Fitzgerald Grant (Fitz) that forms the romantic and emotional backbone of the series.

Whenever these two characters are together, you can feel the electrical tension in the room. Their love is so strong, so pure, that it eats through every barrier and obstacle, of which there are many. Their love is real. Their love is strong. But circumstances don’t permit their relationship to flourish in the light of day.

He is the President of the United States, put there in large part by things SHE did to help him win his campaign. She is the daughter of Commande, the all-powerful secret force behind B613, a shady omnipresent spy agency that keeps taking people out in horrible sadistic ways.

He is trapped in a loveless marriage. They dream of leaving the Washington rat race to retire to Vermont, where he can be mayor of a small town and she can stay home making jam. But in reality, neither of them would be happy with a life like that. They are movers and shakers, who want to move and shake the world together.

And for many years, they do, but always from behind the scenes.

I binge-watched the entire series in the space of a week or so. I found it absolutely mesmerizing and very well written (though I wish there had been less gore). Today, I watched the final episode and now I am about to discuss what I think the series ending means.

(Last chance to stop reading if you don’t want to know how it ends).

So. In the end, thank goodness, the good guys win. The evil secret spy agency known as B613 has been neutralized and Olivia’s father is taken into custody in a way that ensures he won’t be able to continue his machinations in the future.

Fitz tells Mellie he wants a divorce and sends her away from the White House. Jake, the other man who loves Olivia, releases his emotional claims on her, telling her that while he loves her, he realizes she deserves happiness with the man he knows she really loves: Fitz.

Finally, all the personal, family, national and international issues that stood in the way of Liv and Fitz being together in an open, legitimate way, have been removed. They are free to be together in a legitimate marriage, and to work together as equal partners, without having to run off to Vermont to hide. There are no more obstacles in their way. Their time has come.

This is a great, powerful and dramatic story, brilliantly told over many breathtaking episodes. It’s a story about politics and Washington and history and many other things.

But to me, what makes it most compelling is that it’s a story about love.

And not just any kind of love, but the love between two halves of one soul that have been patient and suffered and worked hard in the world to fix many things that were wrong, that needed to be fixed. Because that’s what it takes in order for twin flames to be together.

This is a TV show. It’s not real life. In real life, things don’t always work out the way one might want.

Real life does not always, or even often, provide us with happy endings all tied up in a bow. But twin flames do exist in real life, and the work of cleaning up things that are wrong in the world, that stand in the way of loving souls uniting with their other halves, is real. That work is going on now.

Not every twin flame couple will have a happy ending for themselves, just as not every couple of every kind will have that. Sacrifices may have to be made. Other relationships, obligations and needs may have to be put first.

But I think that this TV series offers insight into the scope and challenges of the twin flame journey, and I think that reflecting on the twin flame journey sheds light on what makes this TV series so compelling and so powerful.

If you find this an interesting subject, you can watch Scandal on Netflix.

And you can learn more about the Twin Flame journey from Cassaday Cayne’s blog (as well as many others you can find by performing an online search).

How does this topic relate to thankfulness?

I am thankful for Shonda Rhimes’ incredible storytelling skill, for the enjoyment and entertainment that her work provides. Her shows have made the type of TV serials that used to be bland fluffy entertainment, into a medium for epic storytelling.

Epics give us a glimpse into the hero’s journey, and TV gives us insight into worlds that we ourselves do not inhabit every day. Keeping in mind that these stories are myth and not fact, they help us process powerful emotions and live out transforming experiences in a vicarious way.

I am thankful for the skill with which this series portrays aspects of life experience that are extremely difficult and painful to live through. If you have seen the series then you will understand what I am talking about. If you are a twin flame you will understand the painful sacrifices that often must be made for the good of all, as part of the twin flame journey.

Are you a twin flame? Have you experienced the challenges of being separated from the one you love?  Have you  had to make sacrifices for the good of all, as part of your twin flame journey?

Are you struggling to find ways to be thankful for the things that you have given up, or lost, as part of your twin flame journey?

Even if your twin flame journey has not brought you personal happiness, think about the good that it has brought into the world and the work that you and your twin flame are doing, to make the world a better place.