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Become a Consultant

Help people transform their lives

If you have a passion for sharing your expertise in ways that help others achieve meaningful transformation, then consulting is a great profession for you. ​

Sam Ovens has a fantastic training program that takes you step by step through how to become a consultant. I've been a member of Sam's program and online community for a long time now, and have found him to be both highly knowledgeable and deeply committed to empowering consultants and their clients at the highest and best level.

If you'd like to explore Sam's program and save $500 off the course of his outstanding Consulting Accelerator training, I will send you a PERSONAL invitation to check out his work.  

Send an email to Rebecca@learnandgetsmarter.com and I'll make it happen.

(Full disclosure: If you decide to sign up for Sam's program, you will save $500 off the program cost, and I will also get $500 for referring you. But I would refer you even if I did not make any money from doing so.)

 My goal is to help you find the most effective and efficient methods for helping the people you are on this planet to serve. If consulting speaks to you as a way of sharing your expertise, let me help you make it happen for less. 

Send an email to Rebecca@learnandgetsmarter.com with "consulting" in the subject line, and I'll get you a personal referral for $500 off the cost of Sam's program.