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Write a Book

One day, I was driving to work and I heard Chandler Bolt on the radio, talking about his successful book launch. He mentioned that he had not enjoyed writing in school, and had not gotten good grades in English.... yet had gone on to become a best-selling author. Not only that, he was now teaching others how to become best selling authors. 

I was intrigued. I did enjoy writing in school. I have a BA in English from Harvard. I've been saying I was going to write a book for the past 40 years! And yet I had not written mine. Yet Chandler at 22 was already a best-selling author, and here I was listening to him on the radio. What did he know that I didn't????

To find out, I joined his Self-Publishing School, Chandler's amazing community of online authors and entrepreneurs. It was one of the best things I ever did. I've watched so many of my fellow aspiring authors go on to become best-selling ACTUAL authors on Amazon. Now it's my turn to make my dream of writing a book come true. And next, I hope, it will be YOUR turn.

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If you've always dreamed of writing a book, it's time to do what I did. Stop dreaming and start doing.

Check out Self-Publishing School here: Click on this link to learn more.

(That's my affiliate link, but I would refer you even if I were not an affiliate.)

 I LOVE SELF-PUBLISHING SCHOOL.  I've made life-long friends there and become part of a global community of people who care about sharing what they know through writing and publishing books.

I'd love for YOU to become part of our community at Self-Publishing School, too.

It did take me more than 90 days to write and publish my book. But that's ok. The important thing is that I DID IT.

And you can too.

And darlings, I hope you will.

Stop dreaming. Start writing.

Go check it out right now.


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