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sunset on the beach Takamaka, Mahe island, Seychelles

Work on the Beach

Hello, Darlings!

This is the view from Mother Rebecca’s desk.

Isn’t it gorgeous?

Fiji beach wall poster

I know what you’re thinking…. Mother Rebecca must be one of those bloggers who lives on a remote tropical island.

Noooooooo….Mother Rebecca is one of those bloggers who got tired of staring at a shelf full of work projects, so she installed a giant beach poster instead.

And with Mother Rebecca’s fabulous “Work on the Beach” system, you can too!

Mother Rebecca has curated (isn’t that a lovely word? Sounds so artistic!) a collection of “work on the beach” items for you, from around the web. Here’s how you, too, can work on the beach, right from the comfort of your own home or office. Click on the pictures below to see the items on Amazon.com.

The giant wall poster pictured above is from AllPosters.com. Information about where to buy it can be found at the end of this post.

Get started:

To start, take a look around your workspace (whether at home or work)

and ask yourself one simple question: “Am I, currently, working on the beach?”

(I’ll wait for you to answer that…..).

Hmm. As expected, the answer was “no.”

Prisoner of work

 Now take a look at THIS beautiful beach view:

(click on any of the images to see the item on Amazon.com)

or THIS gorgeous sunset vista:

Or explore a huge array of beach and ocean vistas here:

Use ALL your senses:

Are your eyes happy?

Good, but we don’t want to just LOOK at beach scenes,

we want to really FEEL like we are at the beach, in glorious “sensurround”.

To get some beach sounds for your ears,

you can download the beautiful and relaxing “Calm” app, at www.calm.com.

You can play soothing ocean sounds to make you feel that you are really at the beach.

In fact, if you are looking for an unusual holiday gift, you can even “give the gift of calm”

You can set the app’s built in timer to do a quick but relaxing meditation while sitting in waiting rooms, etc.

So not only can you WORK at the beach, you can WAIT at the beach, too.

Now you can go to your happy place even if you are stuck waiting in some (word that rhymes with “happy” but actually means the opposite) place.

How about some beach scents for your nose? We don’t want to leave your nose out… the sense of smell is the most profound sense of all.

Did you know that Bobbi Brown makes a “Beach” fragrance?

If you want to feel that you are enjoying a salty breeze, you can try a Himalayan rock salt air freshener lamp:

Or take it a step farther and create not only the salty sea breeze but the effect of a small basket of glowing rock salt embers:

Make it happen:

Doesn’t that sound delightful? Whether you would like to “work on the beach” yourself, or create a fun party for a friend who is returning from a beach vacation or heading off to retirement, you can find lots of fun ideas in the “Work on the Beach” Kit at Mother Rebecca’s Digital Emporium.

Work on the beach screenshot

Work on the beach kit screenshot

(There are several pages of products in the kit, so don’t miss the later pages, there’s some great stuff there!)

If you would like Mother Rebecca to add  any other  creative beach ideas to the kit, leave a message in the comments. While I can’t promise I’ll be able to find what you are looking for, I’ll do my best.

 Go to your happy place….and work there.

Working on the beach is a state of mind. Use Mother Rebecca’s Work on the Beach Kit to create a delightful and inspiring working environment for yourself or someone you love.

Just because summer is over, doesn’t mean we can’t have some indoor fun, darlings.

The Fiji beach wall poster at the top of this post is from AllPosters.com.

Luxury Resort, Malolo Island, Mamanuca Group, Fiji

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