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Create an online course

I'm an instructional designer and I help experts (in any field) create engaging and effective online courses using instructional design best practices. 

If you've had the idea for an online course (or several) floating around in your head for some time, without actually creating the course, there can be a few reasons for that.

The Tech, the tech!

I can help you take the stress out of online course design. That's my mission, work, and service. That's what I'm here for. 

Technology is just a set of tools to help you get what YOU know, into your learners' minds, so it can become what THEY know. The important thing in any kind of teaching (online or off), is not technology: it's teaching.

Rather than talk in general about instructional design and online course creation, let's get specific and talk about YOU: your course, your learners, your goals.

You can set up a FREE course design strategy session with me any time that's open on my calendar. 

(Select the FREE one-hour strategy session option).

Picking a course platform

I've been exploring online course platforms for the past ten years now, and can honestly say that I think Thinkific is FANTASTIC. Their commitment to helping independent course creators design quality learning experiences, is over the top. Their customer service is responsive and accessible. The platform is easy to use for both course creators and course participants.

(The links on this page are my affiliate links, but I would recommend Thinkific even if I were not an affiliate, because I believe that their platform provides great solutions for creating transformative learning journeys).

Figuring out how not to overwhelm your learners with too much information at once

Many experts face the challenge of figuring out how to share what they know with their target audience, in a way that won't be overwhelming by presenting too much information at once. Creating a membership site provides an elegant solution to this problem. A membership site allows you to create different online courses for specific purposes. It allows you to create resource libraries and to roll out new content on an ongoing basis.

Thinkific makes it easy to create a membership site  on their platform. You can integrate your Thinkific membership site with your own website so that no one will even know they've left your site. Thinkific takes care of payment processing, student enrollment, and progress tracking. You can start out with a free account to get to know the platform, and then upgrade to a more comprehensive solution whenever you're ready.

If you'd like to see how it all can come together for YOU to create transformative online learning experiences for your target audience, set up a FREE strategy session on my calendar.  In addition to talking about tech, instructional design, and course platforms, Mother Rebecca brings in wisdom coaching to ensure that your online teaching is aligned with your own inner guidance about what you are here on this planet to do. 

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