Is Mother Rebecca a real person?

Mother Rebecca, a fictional character, is the creation of real person Rebecca Cuevas.


Mother Rebecca is 200 years old, but looks about 29 (give or take 40 years). No actual humans from the Victorian era are still alive today, and there is no face cream on earth that is  equal to  the wear and tear that would have been caused by 200 years of actual living on the planetary surface. So no, Mother Rebecca is not a real person. But, as a fictional character, she does have real wisdom to share!

Mother and Child - Victorian Steel Engraving

Is Mother Rebecca an actual mother?

Why yes she is, dear. And bless your heart for asking.

  • Mother Rebecca is an actual (though fictional) mother of an actual (though fictional) person, the legendary Mr. Knit-It-All.
  • Mother Rebecca is also the mother of two angels who live in heaven. They didn't make it all the way into this world, much to Mother Rebecca's sorrow and grief, but they are still her children and always will be. Perhaps you have some angels of your own, who are playing with hers even as we speak.
  • She has  also taught thousands of children all over the world how to  take care of the planet, how to  be nice to each other, and  how to eat their peas.
  • Unless they are allergic to peas, of course.

Who is Mother Rebecca's husband?

As you can imagine, darlings, in the course of her 200 years of (fictional) existence, Mother Rebecca has been married a time or two, or is that fifty-two?

Mother Rebecca is very bad at math, and may have lost count of exactly how many husbands she has had.

But she knows they were all very nice, and she loved them a lot. 

What's  important is that she has learned about love, and loss, and marriage, and divorce.. and she is ready to share it all with YOU!

A Victorian man and woman sitting on a bench between some potted palms, conversing politely.
Garden cart with humus and plant. Wheelbarrow engraving. Gardening care sign. Floral bloom stage
Golden coils in soil with young plants

How old is Mother Rebecca, REALLY?

Mother Rebecca is older than dirt.

Which is good, because when you have a lot of dirt, you can use it to grow things.

What kinds of things does Mother Rebecca like to grow?

Mother Rebecca has a whole greenhouse of wisdom, where she grows the seeds she has gathered from her 200 years of life experience.

What kinds of seeds are those, you may ask?

 Read the book to find out, darlings!

Victorian greenhouse

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