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Why Be Thankful? The Parable of the Twelve Packages
IMAGINE that you are closing your eyes, and holding out your hands, and that as you do so, twelve mysterious[...]
How to Be Truly Thankful When You’re Just Not Feeling It
We all know we SHOULD be thankful for the good things that come into our lives. And we pay lip[...]
Who’s Thankful to YOU?
While we are focusing on our OWN attitudes of being thankful to and for other people and conditions and things,[...]
How to Be Thankful When You’ve Been Betrayed By the One You Love
How to be thankful when you’ve been betrayed by the one you love   Being betrayed by the one you[...]
How to Awaken the Force
 When the Star Wars movie, the Force Awakens, was released on DVD, I dressed up like Princess Leia to honor the[...]
The Benefits of Thankfulness
What happens when you start being thankful? We’ve talked about a lot of negative things so far: the pit of[...]
Resistance from Others as You Begin To Practice Thankfulness
The first thing you may notice as you begin to focus on being thankful for everything, is your OWN resistance[...]
Why is Thankfulness so Important?
Thankfulness is important because my father (may he rest in peace) always told me to write my thank you notes.Just[...]
What Does It Mean to Be Thankful?
What does it mean to be thankful, especially when we are faced with difficult situations and challenges? In a recent blog[...]
The “Thankfulness” Button on Facebook
On Mother’s Day, May 8 2016, Facebook rolled out a new “reaction” emoji: a lovely purple flower that indicates thankfulness.[...]
Raw and Uncensored: Practicing What I Preach
Today I started writing the introduction for my eBook: From the Pit of Despair to the Pinnacle of Bliss: Let[...]
How to Be Thankful for Your Giant Boulder
The giant boulder that is sitting in the middle of my life, blocking the path forward, is conflict: conflict between[...]
Overcoming resistance: the key to effective change
Everything wants to maintain its current state of existence. That’s only natural. We can use words like “inertia” to describe[...]